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What some recent clients have to say about their experience with The Lin Life


Karen has been an invaluable part of helping me work through significant issues and boundaries in my relationships and career. Within the realm of dating/relationships, Karen has helped me to see myself more clearly and helped me overcome doubts regarding dating - after never having gone on a real date at the age of 30, she guided me through the painful, awkward stages of first, second, and third dates. 

She has helped me to shift my mindset and my methods of communication within relationships and those skills/benefits have long outlasted those relationships! I'm also grateful to have had her guidance and coaching through some mental boundaries within my work as I am in the crucial career-developing years. She has successfully guided me through tough conversations with my manager and colleagues, and helped me find my voice in a sometimes male-dominated arena. 

With regards to therapy versus coaching, I find that while therapy helps one process their past in order to better understand one's current self, coaching pushes the envelope with development of the current and future self.  Karen's coaching has helped me make  significant decisions and given me the skills to approach my issues in love, career, and life so differently.

Working with Karen has been a truly transformative experience, I'm so glad to have her in my corner! 

Ann Tran
Clinical Research Manager, QuintilesIMS
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Karen was one of my coaching partners from the Martha Beck Institute coach training program.

When it came time to refer my husband to a coach to jump to the next level in his career, I knew exactly who to send him to.

I wholeheartedly recommend Karen as a coach.

Marti Keefer

I had the fortune to get to work with Karen on some issues that were holding me back on accomplishing my big goals.

Karen was truly remarkable in her ability to help me get past my limiting beliefs and general "stuckedness.”

She was kind, wicked smart, and had some amazing tools that helped me break through some of my negative beliefs and make things start to happen.

I was able to follow my instincts through her guidance, come up with a title, and move forward in the publishing process.

She's compassionate, knowledgeable, and most of all, kind in her coaching practice.

Highly recommend.

Heather LeRoss

Thank you to Karen for her fabulous Walk Your Talk catwalk & coaching workshop. Felt like a model and learned a lot about confidence, life and presence from these amazing coaches.

Anne Woo
Chief Engineer, Raytheon

Karen’s Walk Your Talk workshop was one of, if not the most unique experiences I’ve ever had.

Yes, it was challenging but ultimately, rewarding in an amazing way! Also, I had loads of fun at the same time.

I didn’t know what I was walking into, but the environment was super warm and welcoming. Also, it was extremely professional—with the lights, camera, and action! I came away from this workshop feeling lifted and renewed.

Part II of the workshop provided some very useful and practical tips that became useful reminders that have and continue to stay with me.

Last but not least, the workshop was a great opportunity to meet other amazing ladies. The camaraderie and exchange of energy and great minds was far from anything ordinary.

I highly recommend this workshop for any and everyone—even the guys! 

Jenny Lin
Quality Assurance Manager, CBS Interactive

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