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About Founder and Life Coach Karen Lin

Lifestyle Enthusiast!

My days are spent in pursuit of life-affirming amusements. Savoring delicious food with delight, traveling around only to be immersed in the local culture, embracing my personal style through fashion, appreciating art in its various expressions and working with people who want to experience what it feels like to live in alignment with their highest values. And on the hard days when it’s a victory to breathe, I take that full body breath.  

I am a Martha Beck Institute (MBI) and Co-Active (CTI) trained life coach.

Magic Maker!

Transformational Growth: OBSESSED with this. I have my hand on the beating heart of the mind-body-soul community and bring the most effective tools and techniques into our coaching institute.

Hyper Connector: Love connecting people to their highest self! I see how people's perspectives shape their entire existence and it's my honor to prescribe them a powerful new lens.

Creative Pragmatist: For over a decade, I worked in design and project management as a licensed civil engineer in California for public infrastructure projects. Now, I engineer new outcomes for people!

I know what it's like to have "everything" (successful career, friends, dream home) and be completely unfulfilled. To keep checking off the boxes in life but not find happiness. This influenced my desire to help people create powerful connections to the world within and around them. 

Community Beacon!

I didn’t know how to do the internal work I needed to do to manage my boundaries and relationships with myself and others until I subjected myself to coaching. I took the best tools from everything I learned and incorporated it into one holistic life. I’m inspired by the grit, diversity and growth I see in my clients. It's truly the people that put the "good" in the good life! 

Time to flourish so you can make the world a better place. Do you want a coach that believes in the LIVE it to GIVE it motto? You found me!

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