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A legacy is what you give to the world everyday that you are in it, not something you leave behind.

Why do I need a coaching team?

Our innovative approach to coaching is revolutionary and groundbreaking. The traditional coaching model is based on the traditional therapy model. You pay for sessions as you go. Here at The Lin Life, we design a program that brings in specialty coaches for where you are at and what you would like to achieve.

We evaluate together what you want. We design a program with one lead coach. This is nothing new. But what happens next, no other coaching program does. The lead coach brings into the sessions coaches who are specialized. 

What does this mean for you? Your needs can change and your program makes the shift with you. Body image issues surface, we got that. Relationship status is changing, we got that. Career WTF, we got that. 

What we're saying, we've got you in the best way!

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