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About Founder and Life Coach Karen Lin

I am a student at heart!

I am a life coach trained under the tutelage of best selling author, columnist and Harvard graduate Dr. Martha Beck and her army of master coaches at the Martha Beck Institute (MBI). Like so many good things, I found her on Oprah!

I strive to always be at my best and that means constantly picking up new skills, expanding my horizons and sharpening my mind, You’ll often find me enrolled in some program or course. You can be confident that you have a coach who will always be growing with you!

I want answers to the tough questions!

For over a decade, I worked in design and project management as a licensed civil engineer in California for public infrastructure projects. I wanted to know why despite having "everything" (successful career, lovely friends, my dream home), I found myself completely unfulfilled. One by one, I let everything go. My search for answers continued.

I saw how people's perspectives shaped their entire existence. This clarity and insight into what people really believed and wanted naturally led to coaching others. What appeared to be clairvoyant tendencies was really a lifetime of studying the human experience. You can expect me to ask the tough questions you've stopped asking yourself.

I live it to give it! 

I didn’t know how to do the internal work I needed to do to manage my boundaries and relationships with myself and others until I subjected myself to coaching. I took the best tools from everything I learned and incorporated it into one holistic program. I tailor this to each client and their individual goals. I’m inspired by the grit, diversity and growth I see in my clients.

Time to flourish so you can make the world a better place. Do you want a coach that believes in the LIVE it to GIVE it motto? You found me! 

Please find me on LinkedIn if you'd like to see more of my credentials and articles.

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